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Natural resources: The patient hand of Nature

Natural resources

The patient hand of Nature

The natural resources of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche have created a series of nature spots which are worth a visit, places where the elements have followed their natural course for centuries and have become the key to this region today.

The Maravillas Cave, in the very heart of the town of Aracena is the most visited natural monument in the province of Huelva. Since 1914, the Maravillas Cave has been open to the public who wonder at its carstic, stalactite and stalagmite rock formations which have been patiently moulded by water to create a whole world of imaginary shapes.

The Arias Montano Rock is situated a few kilometres from Alájar. The villagers coexist with this rocky formation which acts as a Balcony to the Mountains. The constant force of the water boring through the rock and the salts dissolved in the crystal liquid have created this picturesque area with several caves, rock formations and other places of interest.

Near the Rock is another place where water plays an important role: the Joyarancón Falls situated on the lane from Santa Ana la Real to Castaño del Robledo. It is fifty metres high, making it the highest waterfall in the region and a marvellous spectacle during the rainy months when the torrent of water crashes down from high above.

The most characteristic emblem in this Park is the holm oak. One of the most spectacular specimens is in San Francisco Meadow in the municipal district of Santa Olalla del Cala, and was classed as a Natural Monument in 2001. This gigantic 400 to 500 year-old tree is a clear example of the autochthonous vegetation in the predominant meadowlands.

Further to the west, in the very centre of the Park, is an ideal spot to sit back and enjoy the wonders of nature. The Talenque is situated in the municipal district of Galaroza, in the vicinity of the hamlet called Navahermosa. The road leading here divides this historical spot in two and can be reached by going along the National 433 road and taking the exit to Valdelarco.

Our two last stops take us to the west, towards the border of Portugal. The unique mountain formations in Aroche have produced different beauty spots like Llanos de la Belleza or the Picos de Arocheth Nature Spot. The popular ‘Rocks’ are famous for their ravines and narrow gorges made up of enormous blocks of granite which are an oasis for a large number of species of birds of prey, among which we can see the black vulture. In fact, the nearby Sierra Pelada Nature Spot and the Aserrador Stream is the habitat of the largest breeding colony of this species in Andalusia and one of the largest in Europe.